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For years, InStream has been helping local governments, schools, and other organizations apply for and complete LGRMIF projects. We have all the experience and skills to help you get your grant approved as well as implement the project successfully.

What is LGRMIF?

Each year, the New York State Archives offers a grant to support, promote and recognize sound archival and records management practices. Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund (LGRMIF) has been providing funds to help local NYS governments create records management programs since 1989.

Eligibility for LGRMIF application
    Eligibility for LGRMIF application:

  • Appointed Records Management Officer (RMO) 
  • Appropriate State Archives records retention and disposition schedule

New York City and its five county clerks, district attorneys, community school districts in NYC and housing authorities. All of which are not required to have RMOs or to adopt State Archives records retention and disposition schedule.

Public Benefit Corporations
Public Benefit Corporations with local or regional jurisdiction are units of local government and are eligible to apply.

Community Colleges
Community Colleges that are sponsored by a single county may apply for the grant through the county’s RMO and with approval of that county’s chief administrative officer. If the college is sponsored by more than one county, it would apply as a separate local government.

Fire Districts
Fire Districts are eligible because they are local governments; unfortunately, not-for-profit volunteer fire departments, emergency rescue services and ambulance services are not under the Local Government Records Law and cannot apply.

Applying for LGRMIF

Applying for LGRMIF
When applying for a LGRMIF grant, you must apply online via the eGrants System by the posted date which will announced by 5:00 p.m. on March 1, 2023.  All signature forms must still be signed (in blue ink) and submitted in hard copy. Below is a list of what forms that need to be submitted online:

  • Application Sheet
  • Project Narrative
  • Project Budget
  • Participating Institutions
  • Vendor Quote Form
  • Imaging and Microfilming Project Information Form

Forms that need to be submitted in hard copy:

  • Budget Summary (FS-20): 3 copies
  • Payee Information Form
  • Standard Information Form
  • Institutional Authorization Form

Forms that need to be attached as electronic forms:

  • Shared Services Agreement Form (for Shared Service projects only)
  • Detailed vendor quotes
  • Needs assessment
  • Vendor treatment proposals
  • Floor plans
  • Letters of Acknowledgement

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